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Document Liberation Project: The Document Liberation Project is a sister project to LibreOffice, aimed at facilitating the conversion of outdated/proprietary file formats to ODF via the creation and improvement of import file filters.
Impress Remote: The family of LibreOffice Impress "remote control" apps designed for mobile platforms.
Available for Android, iOS, Pebble, and FirefoxOS.
LibreOffice: The LibreOffice office suite
LibreOffice Online: This product is meant only for LOOL - do not use it for desktop or Android ports.
QA Tools: Tools developed by/for the QA Team (SI-GUI, etc..)
cppunit: Cppunit is the C++ port of the famous JUnit unit testing framework.
libexttextcat: Libexttextcat is an N-Gram-Based Text Categorization library primarily intended for language guessing.

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