Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
accessibility Bugs pertaining to accessibility issues. Search 737
bibisected A bibisect repository has been used to track this regression back to a commit or range of commits. Search 8509
bibisectNotNeeded This bug doesn't need to be bibisected. See comments for reason. Search 192
bibisectRequest A request has been made to bibisect this regression. Search 1229
bisected The bug has been successfully connected to a code commit that introduced the bug (such as with "git bisect"). Search 7599
corruptProfile Bugs that pertain to a corrupted User Profile. Search 67
dataLoss This bug concerns loss of data during import, export, or while the program is running. Search 284
difficultyBeginner A trivial task requiring beginner skills in computer science. Search 1062
difficultyInteresting A task that could be quite challenging for a new developer on the project. Search 321
difficultyMedium A task that requires some thinking and attention. Search 258
easyHack This bug has been determined to be a good start for a new developer on the project Search 1763
filter:doc Bugs that affect binary .DOC format FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 656
filter:docx Bugs that affect DOCX FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 1788
filter:emf Bugs that affect EMF FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 65
filter:fodp Bugs that affect Flat OpenDocument Presentation (fodp) FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 5
filter:fodt Bugs that affect Flat OpenDocument Text (fodt) FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 12
filter:html Bugs that affect HTML FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 70
filter:odf Bugs that affect Open Document Format FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 36
filter:odp Bugs that affect OpenDocument Presentation (odp) FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 17
filter:ods Bugs that affect OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ods) FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 43
filter:odt Bugs that affect OpenDocument Text (odt) FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 77
filter:ooxml Bugs that affect OOXML FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 66
filter:pdf Bugs that affect PDF FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 357
filter:ppt Bugs that affect binary PPT FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 106
filter:pptx Bugs that affect PPTX FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 551
filter:rtf Bugs that affect RTF FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 475
filter:svg Bugs that affect SVGs being imported or inserted into a document. Search 217
filter:visio Bugs that affect VISIO FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 27
filter:xls Bugs that affect binary XLS FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 185
filter:xlsx Bugs that affect XLSX FILEOPEN / FILESAVE. Search 623
haveBacktrace bugs that have a useful backtrace Search 2084
implementationError This particular bug was introduced (inadvertently) at the same time as a new feature. It is not a regression. Search 626
needsDevAdvice [USE SPARINGLY] This bug needs advice from experienced developers. Search 383
needsDevEval [use sparingly] This bug needs review by a dev as a potential Easy Hack. Search 796
needsUXEval A bug that needs UX input. Search 1660
needUITest Bugs that can be tested using the UITest framework. See Search 142
notBibisectable We've tried to bibisect this bug and failed. Please document reason for failure. Search 264
patch Bugs with a valid patch. Search 61
perf Bug relates to performance problems including cpu spikes and memory leaks. Search 1246
possibleRegression Bug report details suggest a regression, but we're awaiting independent confirmation. Search 491
preBibisect This bug exists in the first commit of the oldest bibisect repository available for the affected platform(s). Search 245
regression Regressions (issues previously fixed but somehow broken again) Search 13497
security Security-sensitive bugs Search 28
skillCpp EasyHacks which require C++ skills. Search 1041
skillDebug EasyHacks which require Debugging skills. Search 22
skillDesign EasyHacks which require Design experience. If used with topicDesign, no programming experience is required. Search 281
skillDocumentation EasyHacks which require Documentation skills. Search 14
skillHIG Human Interface Guidelines skills are needed for this task. Search 6
skillJava Easy Hacks which require Java programming skills. Search 29
skillJavaScript Easy Hacks that require experience programming in JavaScript. Search 33
skillLibreOfficeBASIC Easy Hacks that require experience programming in LibreOffice Basic. Search 6
skillPerl Easy Hacks which require Perl programming skills. Search 3
skillPython Python skills required for this Easy Hack. Search 33
skillScript Easy Hacks which require scripting skills. Search 131
skillSql Easy Hacks which require SQL scripting/database skills. Search 19
skillTest EasyHacks which require Testing skills. Search 17
skillUI Requires User Interface skills to complete. Search 43
skillUno EasyHacks which require Uno skills. Search 8
skillVcl Easy Hacks which require Vcl skills. Search 14
skillWindows Easy Hack which requires skills with MS-Windows. Search 6
text:cjk Bugs concerning the layout of Top to bottom (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) text. Search 6
text:ctl Bugs concerning Complex Text Layout. Search 5
text:rtl Bugs concerning the layout of Right-To-Left (RTL) text. Search 28
topicCleanup EasyHack which is focused on cleaning up code. Search 368
topicDebug Easy Hack concerning debugging. Search 60
topicDesign Easy Hacks which are related to Design. If used with skillDesign, no programming experience is required. Search 148
topicDoc Easy Hacks which are related to Documentation. Search 12
topicInfra Easy Hacks which are related to sysadmin work/infrastructure. Search 7
topicQA An Easy Hack that concerns improving the QA process. Search 72
topicUI Easy Hacks that concern visible changes to the product. Search 787
topicWeb Easy Hack concerning a Web based change. Search 32
wantBacktrace Bugs whose triage could be greatly accelerated with the addition of a backtrace from the crash. Search 204