Bug 42339 - EDITING and VIEWING cell borders differs from expected and PRINTING
Summary: EDITING and VIEWING cell borders differs from expected and PRINTING
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Product: LibreOffice
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Component: Calc (show other bugs)
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3.4.4 RC1
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: medium enhancement
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Reported: 2011-10-28 05:08 UTC by Rainer Bielefeld Retired
Modified: 2016-09-06 19:30 UTC (History)
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Sample document (10.60 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet)
2011-10-28 05:08 UTC, Rainer Bielefeld Retired
TEST 2 - ODS document (9.48 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet)
2011-10-28 05:54 UTC, Mikeyy - L10n HR
TEST 2 - PDF (24.68 KB, application/pdf)
2011-10-28 05:54 UTC, Mikeyy - L10n HR
Shows what's actually wrong here (32.45 KB, image/png)
2011-10-28 05:55 UTC, Mikeyy - L10n HR
Test kit (373.40 KB, application/x-zip-compressed)
2011-10-29 04:42 UTC, Rainer Bielefeld Retired

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Description Rainer Bielefeld Retired 2011-10-28 05:08:02 UTC
Created attachment 52850 [details]
Sample document

Reporter Mikeyy added this problem accidently to "Bug 33634 - VIEWING: No difference between cell border 0,5pt and 1,0pt", but this is a completely different problem. 

To see how to reproduce please follow 
<https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33634#c4> and following and use Sample documents 2,3 of Bug 33634. 

For this report I picked the problem that in Test.xls a black border is shown between F13-G13, but in PDF docuement there is no border at that place.

The problem is [Reproducible] with reporter's sample document in Bug 33634 and "LibreOffice 3.4.4RC1  - WIN7 Home Premium (64bit) German UI [OOO340m1 (Build:401)]".  The reason seems to be that in the original document the black border around G13 has priority to white border around F13, but in print and PDF export it's just reverse. 

I can't reproduce that problem with an own sample Mysample.ods creeated from the scratch, but copy/Paste of 2 cells from Mikeyy's sample also shows the problem in my new document.

I will check later for earlier versions.
Comment 1 Mikeyy - L10n HR 2011-10-28 05:54:10 UTC
Created attachment 52851 [details]
TEST 2 - ODS document
Comment 2 Mikeyy - L10n HR 2011-10-28 05:54:33 UTC
Created attachment 52852 [details]
Comment 3 Mikeyy - L10n HR 2011-10-28 05:55:18 UTC
Created attachment 52853 [details]
Shows what's actually wrong here
Comment 4 Mikeyy - L10n HR 2011-10-28 05:56:42 UTC
Added test documents in ODS, it's easy to reproduce.
Added PNG image to show what's wrong, easier then writing. :)
Comment 5 Rainer Bielefeld Retired 2011-10-28 10:54:27 UTC
I did some additional tests with Sample document 2011-10-28 05:08 PDT, Rainer Bielefeld and also Test.xls from Bug 33634:

It's not a LibO problem, same problem with OOo 3.3

MS EXCEL-VIEWER: shows in "Mysample5.xls" (Export from "Mysample5.xls", pls. see new attachment) no border  (what might mean a white one) between B13-C13, and border around C13 is dotted (!?!) in document view, but not in FreePDF print. In the first 3 examples a black vertical border between the cells is shown in document view and print
@Mikeyy's sample document looks completely different from view in OOo

no border between B13-C13, and border around C13 is dotted (!?!) in document view and print. In the first 2 examples no vertical border (what might mean a white one) between the cells is shown , in the third one a yellow vertical border, all in document view and print

Can you please try to bridle your temper? ;-) 
You should please concentrate to the "white border covers black border  between B13-C13" problem, a step by step instruction how to create a 2-cell sample from the scratch would be useful. All other strange things you see will be handled later and may be in other reports.
Comment 6 Mikeyy - L10n HR 2011-10-28 12:12:52 UTC
All of my samples are made same way.

1. Select all cells in sheet.
2. Right click - Cell formatting - Borders tab
select border color - white
select border thickness
apply to all borders - OK
3. Select cells for which you want to see border
4. In toolbar menu select borders icon and apply to all borders. (or you can do it with right clicking - cell formatting etc...)
Comment 7 Rainer Bielefeld Retired 2011-10-29 03:33:10 UTC

I will attach a test kit

I doubt that it matters, but to avoid misunderstand  I will describe all steps how to reproduce very detailed. I tested with  "LibreOffice Portable 3.3.3  - WIN7  Home Premium (64bit) German UI [OOO330m19 (Build:301  Tag]".

0. Start LibO from WIN start Center
1. Open new CALC document from LibO Start center, save as SampleLibO333.ods
2. Click common row / column header to select / highlight all cells of the sheet
3. Menu 'Format -> Cells -> Border -> Click "Set outer border and all 
   inner lines" -> select Style 2,5pt single line -> Color "Yellow" <ok>
   As expected all cells yellow
4. Click Cell B2
5. Menu 'Format -> Cells -> Border -> Click "All four borders" -> 
   select Style 2,5pt single line -> Color "Black" <ok>
   Expected: all cell borders black
   Actual: left and top cell border black, rest yellow
6. Select cell range C4:E6
   Menu 'Format -> Cells -> Border -> Click "Set outer border and all 
   inner lines" -> select Style 2,5pt single line -> Color "Black" <ok>
   Expected: all cell borders C4:E6 black
   Actual: bottom and right border of area reeains yellow
7. Now Export to SampleLibO333_export.pdf
   Expected: looks as in .odt
   Actual: Borders of C4:E6 all black
8. Now Print with FreePDF to SampleLibO333FreePDF.pdf
   As expected result as in step 7
9. Type an "x" into F9
   as expected borders view will not change 
10. Redo Steps 7 (SampleLibO333_exoprt_x.pdf), 
   8 (SampleLibO333_FreePDF_x.pdf)
   Expected: Results as in 7,8
   actual: now again area borders bottom and right are yellow

It's all the same with LibO 3.4.4RC1, LibO MAster, OOo3.3, OOo 3.1.1. 

Only for the sake of completness, I opened The LibO344.ods with Gnumeric: There in ghe document the top + left borders remained yellow, bottom + right became black. A Printout looked curious, only 1 cell wiht yellow borders (may be I did something wrong with the settings.

I will check for DUPs before I will confirm.
Comment 8 Rainer Bielefeld Retired 2011-10-29 04:42:21 UTC
Created attachment 52883 [details]
Test kit

See Comment 7
Comment 9 Rainer Bielefeld Retired 2011-10-29 04:48:51 UTC
So I believe we nailed this one, thank you for your endurance. May be you can check your samples whether the other border problems look like results of the problem figured out here? If you believe you find problems that can not be explained with this bug, I recommend to file a new bug. Generally it's better to mark a report as a DUP if we find out later that the prolbem is already reported than to have lots of irrelevant (because describing a different bug) comments in a report.

Please feel free to reassign (or reset Assignee to default) if it’s not your area or if provided information is not sufficient. Please set Status to ASSIGNED if you accept this Bug.
Comment 10 Rainer Bielefeld Retired 2011-10-29 08:22:31 UTC
Modify Version due to facts.
Enhancement due to research (current behavior seems to be intended), please see following comments.

This one is really tricky. Concerning viewing I see a clear pattern. Borders of cell below or at the right have priority. I can't see any sample where this rule will be broken.

Referring to Comment 7:
This rule also will be respected in prints. If the cell border is the end of the print range (SampleLibO333FreePDF.pdf) the black bottom and right border of the cells will be shown. SampleLibO333_export_x.pdf yellow borders from cells below or at the right cover black cell borders.

If you type the "x" into "G6" you see black bottom borders of C6:E6, but yellow borders of F4:F6 cover right black borders of E4:E6.

So currently It seems there is some difficult handling, but no bug.

Excel 2010 has a completely different approach, there latest change is valid. If you have C4:E6 with black borders and then gibe red borders to D5, latest change of D5 has priority and red borders will be shown all around D6. Adjacent cells to D6 will loose their border style where they contact D5. You see that when you copy paste them to elsewhere. 

An alternative approach might be to show both colors where cells with different border colors meet?

I believe currently nothing can be "fixed" here, but some strategic decisions might be necessary to improve usability? Consistence with other borders (Writer table) should be kept in mind.

Currently these details are missing ih Chapter 2 of LibreOffice 3 Calc Guide. I only fin the note "The cell border properties apply to a cell ...", may be the details discovered here should be mentioned?

May be you already have some ideas in the drawer?
Comment 11 Rainer Bielefeld Retired 2011-11-03 05:58:24 UTC
May be someone is interested to add observations and suggestions on <http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/User:RBd/Draft4>?
Comment 12 Kohei Yoshida 2012-01-11 12:54:46 UTC
Taking this off the 3.4 most annoying bugs.  It's an enhancement request.