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Bug 133447 - Some animations (Zoom, Stretchy...) break animation sequence
Summary: Some animations (Zoom, Stretchy...) break animation sequence
Alias: None
Product: LibreOffice
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Impress (show other bugs)
(earliest affected) rc
Hardware: All Windows (All)
: medium normal
Assignee: Gülşah Köse
Keywords: bibisected, regression
Depends on:
Reported: 2020-05-27 15:30 UTC by JBrown
Modified: 2021-01-12 15:59 UTC (History)
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Presentation with a Zoom effect breaking animation sequence (13.75 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation)
2020-09-12 10:23 UTC, Laurent BP

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Description JBrown 2020-05-27 15:30:10 UTC
Animation of a single object stops the entire animation. The width/height of the object affects the ability of the animation effect to work.

Entrance:Stretchy, Entrance:Zoom, Entrance:Swivel.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a text object “This is my book”.
2. Add the effect of Entrance:Stretchy, set Duration: 5.00 sec, Direction: Across.
3. Create a second object.
4. For the second object, add the Appear effect, set Start>After Previous.
5. Run the animation.
6. Reduce the width of the first object.
7. Run the animation.

Actual Results:
The first animation: the first object does not appear, the second object does not appear, the screen is blank. The second animation works as given: both objects appear.

Expected Results:
The geometry of the object should not affect the animation.

Reproducible: Always

User Profile Reset: No

Additional Info:
ID сборки: FreeBSD ports 6.3.2_1
Потоков ЦП: 2; ОС:FreeBSD 12.1; Отрисовка ИП: по умолчанию; VCL: gtk2; 
Локаль: ru-RU (ru_RU.UTF-8); Язык интерфейса: ru-RU
Calc: threaded
Comment 1 Laurent BP 2020-09-12 10:15:16 UTC
I can confirm fuzzy behavior if "Zoom" or "Stretchy" animation is used:
1. Create a new presentation
2. Insert three objects (Shape1, Shape2 and Shape3)
3. Add animation "Zoom" or "Stretchy" to Shape1 and other Entrance animations to Shape2 and Shape3. All animations start with click, with order Shape1, Shape2, Shape3.
4. F5 to launch presentation
5. Click

Actual behavior:
Shape1 appears and Shape3 also (without click). Shape2 is not displayed.

Expected behavior
Only Shape1 should appear. Shape2 should appear after a click. Then Shape3.

Reproduced on Windows, but NOT on Linux.
Versions: 6.3.5,,

Broken animations:
- Entrance: Spiral In, Swivel, Stretchy, Zoom (but not "Fade in and Zoom"). Other animation effects are OK
- Emphasis: none
- Exit: none
Comment 2 Laurent BP 2020-09-12 10:23:45 UTC
Created attachment 165413 [details]
Presentation with a Zoom effect breaking animation sequence

Sample file described in comment 1
Comment 3 Laurent BP 2020-09-12 12:07:34 UTC
Reproduce with:
- Version : (x64)
Build ID : 9a62adaf9abe90e8fef419f29114b0176dd66801
Threads CPU : 4; OS : Windows 6.1; UI Render : par défaut; VCL: win; 
Locale : fr-FR (fr_FR); Langue IHM : fr-FR
Calc: CL

NOT reproduced with:
- Version: (x64)
Build ID: 60da17e045e08f1793c57c00ba83cdfce946d0aa
Threads CPU : 4; OS : Windows 6.1; UI Render : par défaut; VCL: win; 
Locale : fr-FR (fr_FR); Langue IHM : fr-FR
Calc: CL

Set as Regression

Suspected correction of bug 125949. Add Gulsah in CC
Comment 4 pavlog 2021-01-10 19:33:53 UTC
Bisected in repo win32-6.3

53e5219f6f17746645d13deb0d9b7cbd86d1731e is the first bad commit
commit 53e5219f6f17746645d13deb0d9b7cbd86d1731e
Author: Norbert Thiebaud <>
Date:   Thu Dec 19 01:38:21 2019 -0800

    source sha:6004d2f587ec739570a2653ecb4f0e855f5e1ade

    source sha:6004d2f587ec739570a2653ecb4f0e855f5e1ade

commit	6004d2f587ec739570a2653ecb4f0e855f5e1ade	[log]
author	Gülşah Köse <>	Mon Dec 16 11:31:49 2019 +0300
committer	Miklos Vajna <>	Thu Dec 19 09:24:57 2019 +0100
tree	054ee5c94eb5da0fbb4be33f3c05ca83baa3f9a5
parent	1e811754d230dd59ec54d0653284ca4737edb8b9 [diff]

git bisect log
# bad: [4177f308a9d9482cb83d35e4dc9c5c10fe48cb72] source sha:726535ec30f12697ceccd2f0640d9371a64dc5bd
# good: [ea94942caaf195b8d8b2d5c2abb523359ab390e7] source sha:a20a2d7e0d28658f2d9089da076961a599833a28
git bisect start 'master' 'oldest'
# good: [f31d53811f6032dc9188f0d9389125c552e4b4a5] source sha:4985bdc40738dedd9ae2571e660189c0ffa65541
git bisect good f31d53811f6032dc9188f0d9389125c552e4b4a5
# good: [0ebbe3c2ec984c6354c3b41c4e586d0e2440900c] source sha:d25fef637897bdf9e680700451e9207ac6aa7cbe
git bisect good 0ebbe3c2ec984c6354c3b41c4e586d0e2440900c
# good: [8ed34485c57b960f78e42046b46579d4098ba820] source sha:4d7d17be6c34ac439339bbf90b417fd6ff4c1161
git bisect good 8ed34485c57b960f78e42046b46579d4098ba820
# good: [067fc13d0a99d668d1aea3d022ec466a11ac0a65] source sha:fc03b8bc1f2fcc5c8713c23329393624819743cc
git bisect good 067fc13d0a99d668d1aea3d022ec466a11ac0a65
# good: [95c1fb9f13b4a872d3d13f4822dfa35b63088b98] source sha:d9ec8e44a2029c77a008a8d0a0337c70e5e680e5
git bisect good 95c1fb9f13b4a872d3d13f4822dfa35b63088b98
# good: [559a502f6ee68ce9476e9abe97702049094dc9e5] source sha:1e811754d230dd59ec54d0653284ca4737edb8b9
git bisect good 559a502f6ee68ce9476e9abe97702049094dc9e5
# bad: [82efb5cfe166a3b14b74a4530de7d4a26517df1f] source sha:cb957e35f54d6c4e9b8b13cd014a09bdf74327b0
git bisect bad 82efb5cfe166a3b14b74a4530de7d4a26517df1f
# bad: [dd4476334c3fd658478678130f02da8b95d38da1] source sha:35d57c1c8e5ad59b1fc43ff5f4a2bd5ff2542614
git bisect bad dd4476334c3fd658478678130f02da8b95d38da1
# bad: [da6081b9a53092983944e200b6270cef408a0efa] source sha:39716e0624bdfbab51d1ab342cfd102e5200cdb5
git bisect bad da6081b9a53092983944e200b6270cef408a0efa
# bad: [27001990c053e0061a8110d9829b8f6893e61e11] source sha:7b9afea6d34ec83de75ddcd5c45188c4cf949b90
git bisect bad 27001990c053e0061a8110d9829b8f6893e61e11
# bad: [24abaf923d9592026fde0b9f95a693bf48b9fce9] source sha:46b3635facf318d50ba806b8ef9124984d8523c3
git bisect bad 24abaf923d9592026fde0b9f95a693bf48b9fce9
# bad: [b7d8f1acb529c05a9c21127afd4bce509f0f36e3] source sha:bb715bced83b78ea66836a2f553083948e666c11
git bisect bad b7d8f1acb529c05a9c21127afd4bce509f0f36e3
# bad: [53e5219f6f17746645d13deb0d9b7cbd86d1731e] source sha:6004d2f587ec739570a2653ecb4f0e855f5e1ade
git bisect bad 53e5219f6f17746645d13deb0d9b7cbd86d1731e
# first bad commit: [53e5219f6f17746645d13deb0d9b7cbd86d1731e] source sha:6004d2f587ec739570a2653ecb4f0e855f5e1ade

Adding Cc: to Miklos Vajna
Comment 5 Miklos Vajna 2021-01-11 11:54:51 UTC
pavlog: thanks for the bisect, we'll try to look at this.

But please next time, use the Cc line for the author, not for the committer. If committers get all the Cc that'll demotivate people from reviewing useful changes, it's really nobody's interest. Thanks.
Comment 6 pavlog 2021-01-11 12:11:23 UTC
(In reply to Miklos Vajna from comment #5)

Dear Miklos,

OK, thanks for claryfing