Bug 71770 - Enhancement: Move Cut/Copy/Paste to the top in the context menu
Summary: Enhancement: Move Cut/Copy/Paste to the top in the context menu
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Reported: 2013-11-19 05:50 UTC by Emir Sarı
Modified: 2015-12-15 23:57 UTC (History)
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Screenshot (39.73 KB, image/png)
2013-11-19 05:50 UTC, Emir Sarı
pointer at the bottom (253.90 KB, image/png)
2013-11-25 08:56 UTC, Ahmad Harthi
pointer at the top (252.33 KB, image/png)
2013-11-25 08:59 UTC, Ahmad Harthi

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Description Emir Sarı 2013-11-19 05:50:30 UTC
Created attachment 89446 [details]


I think most of us use the context menu for cut/copy/paste operations very frequently. However, these items on the context menu are located at the very bottom; therefore making it harder/longer to reach these options. IMHO, it would make sense to move these buttons higher to the top of the context menu, so that they would be easily reachable. 

Would love to hear your opinions as well. 

Best regards,
Comment 1 Adolfo Jayme Barrientos 2013-11-19 10:56:33 UTC
Agreed. Your screenshot even shows a context menu that lists negative* actions (i.e. “Delete” & “Clear direct formatting”) before the positive ones, which is incorrect.

* as in that they remove content/formatting.
Comment 2 Ahmad Harthi 2013-11-25 08:14:29 UTC
I agree with you, I also think it should be in the top if the context menu below the pointer and below if the context menu is above the pointer.

What do you think?
Comment 3 Ahmad Harthi 2013-11-25 08:56:23 UTC
Created attachment 89732 [details]
pointer at the bottom
Comment 4 Ahmad Harthi 2013-11-25 08:59:05 UTC
Created attachment 89733 [details]
pointer at the top

"pointer at the bottom" and "pointer at the top" to show the dynamic placement of cut-copy-paste on the context menu..
Comment 5 Cor Nouws 2014-02-03 11:09:21 UTC
So when one uses the context menu lower on the screen, the menu shows above the mouse pointer, so the items are close.
As is shown by the screen prints made by Ahmed.

Now one could apply dynamic position, but I'm quite affraid that this will be confusing for many users...

(difficult all those mouse issues for someone working with the keayboard most of the time ;) )
Comment 6 Eike Rathke 2014-02-03 13:58:47 UTC
I actually never use the cut/copy/paste commands from the context menu but their keyboard shortcuts instead. But I do frequently use context sensitive commands from the context menu. I don't think that moving almost static elements (like cut/copy/paste) to the most prominent position (i.e. top of the menu) is actually helpful. For me it would mean that I always would have to skip three entries that I don't use anyway, which certainly isn't an enhancement (well, for me ...), in case of Calc it's even five entries including Paste Special and Paste Only.
Comment 7 Cor Nouws 2014-02-03 15:25:45 UTC
(In reply to comment #6)
> I actually never use the cut/copy/paste commands from the context menu but
> their keyboard shortcuts instead. 

Alas it's amazong how many people do not use Ctrl+C/V usw..
But of course I agree with you  (at least in my heart ♥ )
Comment 8 Emir Sarı 2014-02-03 15:34:39 UTC
I also do not use this context menu much, but when selecting text and there is need to copy/paste, this is where context menu comes in handy.
Comment 9 Yousuf Philips (jay) (retired) 2014-07-09 04:19:33 UTC
Since the verify first time i used libreoffice, i found this to be a weird behaviour as cut, copy, paste and also paste special [bug 62947] should be the first items in the menu, as they are the most frequently used feature in the right-click context menu. But i simply added this thought to my list of enhancements, which i planned to submit after 4.3 was released.

But now that i've gone through the statistics from OOo's tracking stats < https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Tracking_results >, i think it is crucial to do it immediately.

Here is the top 10 used entries from writer's right-click menu

 1. Paste            - 1,119,606 *
 2. Copy             -   592,585 *
 3. Cut              -   225,137 *
 4. Picture          -    47,078
 5. Paragraph        -    41,302
 6. Clear Formatting -    30,401
 7. Remove Hyperlink -    29,392
 8. Table            -    21,493
 9. Character        -    20,466
10. Page             -    16,921

And here are writer's keyboard shortcut stats

 1. Paste         - 1,471,565
 3. Copy          -   784,925
 6. Cut           -   223,061
??. Paste Special -    17,280

And here are writer's menu bar stats

 5. Paste         - 194,828
 6. Copy          - 125,028
16. Cut           -  42,855
??. Paste Special -  32,600

And here are writer's toolbar stats

17. Copy          - 77,717
22. Cut           - 58,903
??. Paste Special -    205
??. Paste         -      8 (this must be wrong)

And here is calc's right-click menu stats

1. Paste         - 924,525
2. Copy          - 654,339
6. Cut           - 163,492
8. Paste Special -  74,035

You can see in ever instance (except for the clearly incorrect toolbar stats), its always Paste, Copy and Cut.

After looking over ms word's ribbon UI, you can see that the first button in the main/home toolbar is a large paste button, with small cut and copy icon next to it. Thats how much emphasis microsoft knows that it needs.
< http://www.baycongroup.com/word2007/images/01_Word2007Screen.gif >
Comment 10 Michael Meeks 2014-07-09 09:14:07 UTC
Sounds like a slam-dunk to me. Unfortunately popup menus are not nearly as trivial to edit as you might hope - there is no nice XML stuff; it is all resource file blather with things like this:

class SwReadOnlyPopup : public PopupMenu

    ItemList =
            Identifier = MN_READONLY_OPENURL ;
            HelpId = CMD_SID_OPENDOC ;
            Text [ en-US ] = "~Open" ;
            Identifier = MN_READONLY_COPY ;
            HelpId = CMD_SID_COPY;
            Text [ en-US ] = "~Copy" ;

Though that guy should be easy to move 'Copy' to the top of the menu (for readonly documents) - finding the other more generic bits is perhaps harder:

sfx2/source/menu/menu.hrc:#define MN_CLIPBOARDFUNCS                   RID_SFX_MENU_START+1
sfx2/source/menu/menu.src:Menu MN_CLIPBOARDFUNCS
sfx2/source/menu/mnumgr.cxx:        PopupMenu aPop( SfxResId( MN_CLIPBOARDFUNCS ) );
sfx2/source/menu/mnumgr.cxx:        PopupMenu aPop( SfxResId( MN_CLIPBOARDFUNCS ) );

is one place that might be useful. Indeed - reading that it looks quite promising:

SfxPopupMenuManager* SfxPopupMenuManager::Popup( const ResId& rResId, SfxViewFrame* pFrame,const Point& rPoint, Window* pWindow )


to insert these items into menus that don't have them =) and it always does it at the end; that should be ~trivial to change this to the beginning - even a beginner can do that =)

cf. include/vcl/menu.hxx:

    void                InsertSeparator( const OString &rIdent = OString(),
                            sal_uInt16 nPos = MENU_APPEND );

We need to provide an nPos of zero (ONO) for the insertion of those items and ... bingo =) => an easy hack.
Comment 11 Yousuf Philips (jay) (retired) 2014-07-09 23:55:30 UTC
Was hoping that context menus would be trivial, as it was my plan to propose a reorganizing of them after my work on the toolbars. I guess converting the context menu code so that it would be easily editable by means of XML would also be alot of work. Well i guess i'll limit my right-click suggestions to this bug, paste special bug [bug 62947] and the formatting options removal bug [bug 81132].
Comment 12 Chandler Underwood 2014-07-18 20:14:30 UTC
Hello all,

I am a fairly new programmer (CS major in second year of college at the moment) and was wanting to jump into LibreOffice development for fun and to gain some experience.

This bug, along with other "easy hacks", seemed like a great place to start. I was wondering if anyone could advise me where to start playing around with this bug or to just tell me that it is too challenging of a fix and send me on my way to hunt down another bug.

Comment 13 Jeffrey Stedfast 2014-07-26 21:29:54 UTC
Note: it turns out that void SfxPopupMenuManager::ExecutePopup(...) is the method that seems to actually make the difference (based on testing my fix)
Comment 14 Jeffrey Stedfast 2014-07-26 21:35:01 UTC
Just submitted a fix for this.
Comment 15 Commit Notification 2014-07-26 21:43:35 UTC
Jeffrey Stedfast committed a patch related to this issue.
It has been pushed to "master":


fdo#71770 Fixed Cut/Copy/Paste popup menu items to appear at the top

The patch should be included in the daily builds available at
http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/daily/ in the next 24-48 hours. More
information about daily builds can be found at:
Affected users are encouraged to test the fix and report feedback.
Comment 16 Emir Sarı 2014-07-27 03:11:14 UTC
Yay! Thank you!
Comment 17 A (Andy) 2014-09-20 13:56:20 UTC
*** Bug 75103 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 18 Yousuf Philips (jay) (retired) 2014-09-22 17:00:39 UTC
Thanks Jeffrey for submitting the patch. This fixes the issue in all apps except Calc, as they still appear at the bottom.
Comment 19 Adolfo Jayme Barrientos 2014-09-24 12:00:24 UTC
Please do not reopen bugs like this. File a new one instead.
Comment 20 Yousuf Philips (jay) (retired) 2014-09-24 18:56:51 UTC
My apologize. I thought when a patch goes through that didnt fix the bug completely that it the bug report should be reopened.

I've opened the Calc bug at bug 84293.
Comment 21 A (Andy) 2014-11-21 23:26:38 UTC
I tested it right now with LO

Was this deliberately not also implemented in CALC?
Comment 22 Mike §chinagl 2014-12-20 23:01:52 UTC
This bug fix comes with LibreOffice 4.4 (release notes https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleaseNotes/4.4) 

Cut, Copy and Paste actions are now at the top of the context menu.
Comment 23 Robinson Tryon (qubit) 2015-12-15 23:57:26 UTC
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