Bug 80284 - EDITING: Not all cells are recalculated when deleting a column
Summary: EDITING: Not all cells are recalculated when deleting a column
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Product: LibreOffice
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Calc (show other bugs)
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Hardware: All All
: medium major
Assignee: Kohei Yoshida
Whiteboard: target:4.4.0 target:4.3.4
Keywords: bibisected, regression
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Reported: 2014-06-20 11:52 UTC by Stanislav Horacek
Modified: 2015-12-17 08:24 UTC (History)
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Description Stanislav Horacek 2014-06-20 11:52:07 UTC
When deleting a row, some of affected cells are not recalculated and contain incorrect values.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open a new spreadsheet.
2. Type number 1 to A1, formula "=A1" to B1 and "=B1" to C1.
3. Delete entire column A.

Observed: Cell A1 (former B1) gets #REF! value, whereas 1 remains in B1 (former C1).

Expected: Both A1 and B1 cells should have #REF! value.

The issue does not appear if A1 cell is deleted only (not entire column) or if an entire row is deleted (if we use A1, A2, A3 instead of A1, B1, C1).

Tested in 4.2 series (from beta 2 to 4.2.5 RC1), 4.3 beta2 and 4.3 RC1. Previous series are not affected.

Severity set to major as this leads to incorrect values in a spreadsheet.
Comment 1 pierre-yves samyn 2014-06-20 13:46:14 UTC

I close "duplicate" as bug 59108
Feel free to reopen with more information if necessary


*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 59108 ***
Comment 2 Stanislav Horacek 2014-06-20 14:29:59 UTC

reopening - this is a different issues. Bug 59108 wants to preserve values instead of #REF!, here I want the cell to be recalculated as #REF! instead of numeric value.

Maybe I should have added that you can see the problem if you recalculate the sheet (Ctrl+Shift+F9) - after that, value 1 in B1 changes to the correct #REF!

(Note also that 59108 was reported against 4.0.3, this one appeared in 4.2.)
Comment 3 ign_christian 2014-06-20 15:06:40 UTC
> Observed: Cell A1 (former B1) gets #REF! value, whereas 1 remains in B1
> (former C1).

Confirm same behavior in LO - Ubuntu 12.04 x86.

Not happen in and
Comment 4 Stanislav Horacek 2014-06-25 07:55:58 UTC
Bibisect result:

    commit 8499e78ca03c792f4fa2650e02b519094ba0baa8
    Author:     Caolán McNamara <caolanm@redhat.com>
    AuthorDate: Thu Jul 25 16:01:13 2013 +0100
    Commit:     Caolán McNamara <caolanm@redhat.com>
    CommitDate: Thu Jul 25 16:08:01 2013 +0100
        Related: fdo#61544 convert language page from box to grid
        grid compress better than boxes if there isn't enough available space
        Change-Id: I35b433b89a29159a33fc9edb646e46b371747a57

:100644 100644 28f5d06d73a1be6ffa14981fa5c85369334b42f3 69df816431adccb1d94d7239031fa72b51b69fd9 M	ccache.log
:100644 100644 e90dd416081e52bf1f529e5cc252b740762fb67f fb3eed5f2df90e38291b7693863d22a51ae5f909 M	commitmsg
:100644 100644 f3412ea896c81e0e5e7c7c5b20da51801f5732d1 b37aff13469762597fe8e71b9eec6543077c6320 M	dev-install.log
:100644 100644 20c900e22a8115c31e67f895acbe3ec11c432314 a6d96513f1e560f38ad6b20e13ae9c5ddb619132 M	make.log
:040000 040000 956ae0b2d085e2de7f912e234fe22cb51b2e3f29 14c94892e549a813ae539489d88273f18ad79631 M	opt

# bad: [423a84c4f7068853974887d98442bc2a2d0cc91b] source-hash-c15927f20d4727c3b8de68497b6949e72f9e6e9e
# good: [65fd30f5cb4cdd37995a33420ed8273c0a29bf00] source-hash-d6cde02dbce8c28c6af836e2dc1120f8a6ef9932
git bisect start 'latest' 'oldest'
# good: [e02439a3d6297a1f5334fa558ddec5ef4212c574] source-hash-6b8393474974d2af7a2cb3c47b3d5c081b550bdb
git bisect good e02439a3d6297a1f5334fa558ddec5ef4212c574
# bad: [4850941efe43ae800be5c76e1102ab80ac2c085d] source-hash-980a6e552502f02f12c15bfb1c9f8e6269499f4b
git bisect bad 4850941efe43ae800be5c76e1102ab80ac2c085d
# skip: [a043626b542eb8314218d7439534dce2fc325304] source-hash-9379a922c07df3cdb7d567cc88dfaaa39ead3681
git bisect skip a043626b542eb8314218d7439534dce2fc325304
# skip: [aba65c3e4c0df07e4909aeefb758cdb688242bf6] source-hash-827524abfb4b577d08276fde40929a9adfb7ff1a
git bisect skip aba65c3e4c0df07e4909aeefb758cdb688242bf6
# skip: [aba65c3e4c0df07e4909aeefb758cdb688242bf6] source-hash-827524abfb4b577d08276fde40929a9adfb7ff1a
git bisect skip aba65c3e4c0df07e4909aeefb758cdb688242bf6
# bad: [c81a8a0dcfc1ed095a80e4485c89dd0fcaf73f31] source-hash-c69ed33628ec0b7abf6296539cf280d6c4265930
git bisect bad c81a8a0dcfc1ed095a80e4485c89dd0fcaf73f31
# bad: [c81a8a0dcfc1ed095a80e4485c89dd0fcaf73f31] source-hash-c69ed33628ec0b7abf6296539cf280d6c4265930
git bisect bad c81a8a0dcfc1ed095a80e4485c89dd0fcaf73f31
# bad: [1d4980621741d3050a5fe61b247c157d769988f2] source-hash-89d01a7d8028ddb765e02c116d202a2435894217
git bisect bad 1d4980621741d3050a5fe61b247c157d769988f2
# bad: [ba096f438393091574da98fe7b8e6b05182a8971] source-hash-8499e78ca03c792f4fa2650e02b519094ba0baa8
git bisect bad ba096f438393091574da98fe7b8e6b05182a8971
# good: [9daa289e178460daaafa4b3911031df5b8736218] source-hash-704292996a3731a61339b1a4a5c90c9403aa095f
git bisect good 9daa289e178460daaafa4b3911031df5b8736218
# good: [34eab3946c46bb7273ba4ca395db9c4421dd232f] source-hash-e962805b31074d6b6a2ed0db6452769448337553
git bisect good 34eab3946c46bb7273ba4ca395db9c4421dd232f
# good: [a8577b9049e085140768f97f7d4ff555a8a447cb] source-hash-98ded3e42011b060368899018c07cbd32e7993f1
git bisect good a8577b9049e085140768f97f7d4ff555a8a447cb
# good: [da4ad98ef394c644bb0aa80161ff599330862e7c] source-hash-570fe620e9d573cfc9fc260e6518563c6a6c1a3c
git bisect good da4ad98ef394c644bb0aa80161ff599330862e7c
# good: [2d9baecf3ce2ea1ec8bea3e842eed595061eeef6] source-hash-ff51a2b64571a8d72ff4d8a8181d17cf98c42e69
git bisect good 2d9baecf3ce2ea1ec8bea3e842eed595061eeef6
# first bad commit: [ba096f438393091574da98fe7b8e6b05182a8971] source-hash-8499e78ca03c792f4fa2650e02b519094ba0baa8
Comment 5 Kohei Yoshida 2014-10-18 01:54:44 UTC
I'm on it.
Comment 7 Stanislav Horacek 2014-10-20 18:15:29 UTC
Checked in master; it works now as expected.
Thanks a lot for fixing this!
Comment 9 Robinson Tryon (qubit) 2015-12-17 08:24:05 UTC
Migrating Whiteboard tags to Keywords: (bibisected)