Bug 83547 - EDITING: Draw crash unexpectedly when editing a drawing
Summary: EDITING: Draw crash unexpectedly when editing a drawing
Alias: None
Product: LibreOffice
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Draw (show other bugs)
(earliest affected) release
Hardware: Other Windows (All)
: medium normal
Assignee: Not Assigned
Whiteboard: BSA
Keywords: haveBacktrace, possibleRegression
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Reported: 2014-09-05 22:08 UTC by Robert Gonzalez MX
Modified: 2015-12-15 10:57 UTC (History)
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Crash report or crash signature:

Drawing template with a small image (194.01 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.graphics-template)
2014-09-06 20:39 UTC, Robert Gonzalez MX
draw file with an jpg image in the master layer (197.41 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.graphics)
2014-09-07 03:12 UTC, Robert Gonzalez MX
Draw file with figure in master layer and jpg in normal layer (203.40 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.graphics)
2014-09-21 04:02 UTC, Robert Gonzalez MX
screenshot of crash in my laptop (139.47 KB, image/png)
2014-09-21 16:33 UTC, Robert Gonzalez MX
screenshot of other laptop with win 8.1 (129.57 KB, image/png)
2014-09-21 16:35 UTC, Robert Gonzalez MX
screenshot of crash of the test2 file uploaded (188.55 KB, image/png)
2014-09-21 17:39 UTC, Robert Gonzalez MX
backtrace (223.16 KB, text/plain)
2014-11-02 02:24 UTC, Robert Gonzalez MX
LibreDraw_crash_report (6.65 KB, text/plain)
2014-11-03 13:48 UTC, MartinsS

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Description Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-05 22:08:20 UTC
Problem description: 
When editing a drawing, moving an figure or resizing it, Draw crashes. Some of the movements are done with the arrow keys

Steps to reproduce:
1. Make a new drawing file
2. draw a figure like a rectangle with color
3. click on it and do the editing.
4. movin, resizing, rotating, copy, paste
5. Crash

I've used a drawing template and noticed that in the status bar, apears the name of the template, but with % simbols in between words instead of blanks. Don't know if that has someting to do.

Current behavior:
It crashes unexpectedly

Expected behavior:
should perform without abrupt termination

Operating System: Windows 8
Version: release
Last worked in: release
Comment 1 A (Andy) 2014-09-06 11:08:02 UTC
for me not reproducible with LO (Win 8.1) with a new DRAW document without using a template, therefore this is maybe linked to the used template?

Can you reproduce this also with a new document without a template?  Which template have you used?
Comment 2 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-06 20:39:34 UTC
Created attachment 105843 [details]
Drawing template with a small image
Comment 3 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-06 20:41:06 UTC
I have made a new testing template, and done some testing. It happens the same.
Crash after moving an object with the arroy keys.

The template includes a small jpg image in the right corner of the master layer and some empty retangles.

I tested the movement of a solid color rectangle in the master layer, with no problem, so i deleted the figure.

Then changed to the normal view and draw a solid rectangle. selected it with the mouse and move around with the arroy keys and crashes.

I'm sendind attached the testing template.

to reproduce, download the template, then double click to create a new draw file from the template.

Draw a solid figure, (by default) and then move it with the arroy keys, up and down. keep arrow key pressed, and then suddenly freezes, and then crash.
Comment 4 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-07 03:11:02 UTC
I have made new testing. Created a test2.odg file, with no template, inserting same jpg file in the master layer, then changing to normal view, and doing the same operatios, causes the program to freeze and then crashes.

Then refreshed my user profile, and done the same operations obtaining the same results.

I think it has something to do with the rendering of the jpg file, because right before the crash I've noticed, that the image doesn't apear in the screen.
Comment 5 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-07 03:12:22 UTC
Created attachment 105850 [details]
draw file with an jpg image in the master layer
Comment 6 Owen Genat (retired) 2014-09-14 10:54:53 UTC
Not reproducible under GNU/Linux using v4.3.1.2. Possibly Windows-only issue.
Comment 7 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-21 04:02:55 UTC
Created attachment 106596 [details]
Draw file with figure in master layer and jpg in normal layer
Comment 8 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-21 04:03:18 UTC
I have updated my OS from Win 8 to Win 8.1 with all the updates relevant, and repeated the test with file test 2.odg,  with the same results. Test 2.odg has a small image in the right corner of the master layer and some other formatting figures, it is the same content of the Test Template, but is was not created from a template.

When moving the rectangle up or down with the arrow keys, keeping the keys pressed, the image that is in the master layer, disappear, and suddenly Draw freezes and then crashes.

Then I've tested it in Windows XP with the same results. But, at some point of the movement of the figure, it begins to perform very slow.

I made another file Test 3.odg, and in the master layer draw a figure, and back in the normal layer put the same jpg image, and repeated the movement of another figure, and it seems to work well. Tested it in Win 8.1 and Win Xp.

Additionally I've found that when moving the figure to the very top of the working area, when the page view is set to fit width, it resets the page view to the center of the height, leaving the figure selected, but not visible. Changing the movement down returns the view to the top and when it reaches the bottom of the working area, the behavior is different, the view stays were the figure is, as it was before this 4.3.1 release, and this the normal performance. This doesn't happen when Writer is open, as I found, because I use it tho check my orthography. 

This happens with Test 3.odg and Test 2.odg
Comment 9 A (Andy) 2014-09-21 08:20:00 UTC
for me this is not reproducible with LO (Win 8.1)

Do you maybe have a friend who has also LO and Win 8/8.1 that you can test it there once more, because for me everything works fine with the attached documents.
Comment 10 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-21 16:33:16 UTC
Created attachment 106605 [details]
screenshot of crash in my laptop
Comment 11 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-21 16:35:21 UTC
Created attachment 106607 [details]
screenshot of other laptop with win 8.1
Comment 12 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-21 17:19:46 UTC
I have renamed the user profile in my laptop, to refresh the installation, and tested it, with the same results. 

Then tested it in the laptop of my son, with a new installation on Win 8.1, and obtained the same results.

I’m uploading the screenshots of the crash in my laptop, and the crash on the other one.

All I mentioned in my previous comment was reproducible in the same manner.

It is necessary to remark that the movement of the figures are with the arrow keys, and the page view is set to fit width, with or without the sidebar, so I will repeat the steps to reproduce:

open the file
set page view to fit width
select the rectangle with a mouse click
use the up arrow key to move the figure, and keep pressed until it reaches the top

Notice at this point if the page view resets to the center of the page height.

If this happens, only change to the down arrow key and keep pressed until appears in the screen and keep it until the figure reaches the down end of the working area. The view stays there, as it should be.

Repeat the step to go up back, sometimes it will require to repeat the up and down steps until the problem happens, when it does notice that in the left pane, the image in the first slide disappear, and then the program freezes, the rectangle turns gray, and after a few seconds the program closes, or a windows warning dialog appears, informing that “LibreOffice stop working”.
Comment 13 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-21 17:38:20 UTC
It is not necessary to set the page view to fit width, it happen also in other views, and with the side bar, or without the sidebar.

I've made the test with the file I uploaded, and with the same file that is my laptop. Same results.
Comment 14 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-09-21 17:39:56 UTC
Created attachment 106611 [details]
screenshot of crash of the test2 file uploaded
Comment 15 Buovjaga 2014-10-24 13:56:39 UTC
Unable to reproduce. Followed instructions, arrow keys and all and I get nothing.

Tested on Win 7 64-bit and dev build Version:
Build ID: 0a82645c360158f9cc0fdabe2a52f1ff8f981bed
TinderBox: Win-x86@39, Branch:master, Time: 2014-10-24_06:59:23
Comment 16 Julien Nabet 2014-11-01 23:38:04 UTC
Robert: since nobody can reproduce this for the moment, would it be possible you retrieve a backtrace by following this link? (https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/BugReport/Debug_Information#Windows:_How_to_get_a_backtrace)
Comment 17 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-11-02 01:33:28 UTC
Ok. I will try.
Comment 18 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-11-02 02:24:44 UTC
Created attachment 108778 [details]

This is the backtrace for LO 4.3.3 and the test files
Comment 19 Robert Gonzalez MX 2014-11-02 02:32:36 UTC
Tested it with LO 4.3.3 released yesterday and the crash still happens.

made the backtrace with windbg and i get a window message:

Fatal Error!
Comment 20 MartinsS 2014-11-03 13:48:26 UTC
Created attachment 108837 [details]


I also have problems with LibreOffice Draw crash, when moving objects. I have created backtrace with WinDbg, maybe it helps to identify the problem.
Comment 21 MartinsS 2014-11-03 13:53:53 UTC
I am using LibreOffice 4.3.3 x86 on Windows 8.1 64bit. PC is joined in domain and user profile are stored on server.
Comment 22 MartinsS 2014-11-03 14:09:45 UTC
The same behavior is with portable X-LibreOffice. I am trying to create network diagram using this extension: 

It's the only difference from basic LibreOffice installation.
Comment 23 Julien Nabet 2014-11-05 21:23:32 UTC
Putting it at NEW since there's a bt.
Perhaps Windows only bug?
Comment 24 Robert Gonzalez MX 2015-02-01 16:57:11 UTC

Reviewing this bug with LO in Win 8, no crash is present.
Comment 25 Buovjaga 2015-02-02 06:37:20 UTC
Let's set to WORKSFORME per comment 24.
Comment 26 Robinson Tryon (qubit) 2015-12-15 10:57:48 UTC
Migrating Whiteboard tags to Keywords: (possibleRegression)